Blowgun and darts game

This project consisted in making a skill game based on a blowgun, darts and targets. We wanted the game to be colourful, safe, and easy to use by children. The result is surprisingly powerful and the darts fly quite fast in a straight trajectory.

The blowguns are PVC pipes decorated with electrician tape. Those are rather short because they were designed for young children. For older children we doubled the length, which adds precision. 

The back of the darts is a cone made out of a plastic sheet, the shaft is a drinking straw and the tip is made of scaffolding protection foam squeezed with electrician tape to make it denser.

The targets and the bush at the front were cut in an MDF sheet then painted. We made targets of different sizes to offer various levels of difficulty. 

targets for a blowgun game
targets for a blowgun game

The targets are inserted into supports that can rotate so they fall at the back and disappear behind the bush when hit by a dart. The whole thing is suspended by hooks to the wall’s trellis so the height is adjustable.

Here we wanted to offer a slightly different type of challenge. The target is the apple, which simply rests on a ledge fixed at the back of the boy’s head. As in the legend of William Tell, the aim is to hit the apple, not the boy.

target for a blowgun game
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